Our first Alexa skill was launched when there were only less than 2000 skills in Alexa Store. Now we have several skills published in different categories. Here are our most recent works, owned by ourselves and attracting a big amount of visiting every day.
Ocean Bottle

The first social skill and people can have conversation to real people on Alexa. If you see the complexity of the features and how well we handled the VUI, you would believe we could do any interactive skill.


American's Victoria

Powered by a deep learning engine for WIKI questions. Also Audio podcast feature available.


Hu-Friedy Sharpening Assistant

The skill support both Echo Show and non-screen echo devices. You can watch videos, images or just listen to the speech.


My Reader

It helps you listen to the web page you are reading. Send the url of the web page to the skill through a SMS number, and say, 'Alexa, ask my reader to read'. The skill will read that webpage to you.


My Deal

The powerful backend is collecting thousands of deal every day, and study users’ preference


Feng Shui

We used S3 as file storage, so that client will be able to easily update their new content after the project is delivered.


Flash Briefing Skills Powered by Our Platform
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