Our expertise in ChatBot covers everything from Voice User Interface (VUI) design, to the Deep-Learning based NLP. With this wide knowledge base, we can maximize the capability of your ChatBot, which in turn will drive operational efficiency for your business.

Conversational and Voice User Interface, as a new concept and design, is still its infancy. However, through a number of completed and market-tested projects,  we understand what end users are looking for, and can help educate on the possibilities of this new technology.


We'll partner with you to develop a powerful AI, enabling you to reach billions of end users from all popular platforms including Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Live Messenger, Amazon Alexa and WeChat.


We support the major ChatBot API.AI, Lex and WIT.AI frameworks. What's more, from our past projects we have developed our own custom framework which is a significant improvement on prior ChatBot APIs, giving our Clients' ChatBots a more flexible and fluid conversational flow. 


Natural Language Processing is the soul of ChatBot. There are many libraries available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Guided by our experience, we'll help you choose the right one depending on your market audience. Are you looking for something custumized? We can create a unique NLP tailored for your business's needs.

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