Our first Alexa skill was launched when there were only 2000 skills in the Alexa Store. As the Alexa Skill market has grown, so too has our Skill library. Below you will find the our most recent accomplishments. 
These represent popular samples from our library and highlight our capabilities in several different categories. We are adept at creating and modifying our own code, so these examples are only illustrative and are not our limitation.

A truly interactive skill and also a hilarious social experiment! The user can create a ‘message in a bottle’ to be sent out on the ‘ocean’ to be received by another messenger at random. The possibilities for creative interaction are endless.  The first interactive social skill, made with complex features and an easy VUI.

This skill was created to provide on the fly assistance to dentists using the Hu-Friedy© dental equipment sharpener. This skill supports both Echo Show and non-screen echo devices. The user can watch videos, images, or just listen to spoken instructions.

With this skill you can find the upcoming sales open Sundays in your area. Verkaufoffen uses a database of more than 8,000 appointments in Germany, the occasion of which are city festivals, markets or similar events.

This is a single-player version of the real competition, vocabulary built by every year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee word list, complete with word definitions, language origins, and example sentences straight from the most trusted Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary!

This is our web reader skill. After the user sends the URL of the web page to the skill through SMS, the skill will enable your Alexa device to read the web page.

This is a daily fact skill, it gives the parents the advice for kid education, similar to a daily devotional. We’re proud of the easy to use interface to manage aspects of the fact delivery. It also highlights our use of Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service).

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